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9:08pm 02-19-2013
DO NOT BUY PUPPIES from anybody on pats petals unless the parents have been tested for a disease called Syringomyelia. It is a devastating painful disease that is affecting chihuahuas. I bought a chihuahua from someone called Lorraine from Biggin Hill and she has this crippling disease. I have told her about it and the owner of Pats Petals site and neither of them have done anything. Now I see this Lorraine has bred more puppies and pats petals is allowing her to sell them on her site. They both know about the disease and that Lorraine's last litter had the disease and both have chosen to ignore it after I pleaded with them to never let it happen again. Look up Syringomyelia and see what a terrible disease this is. Make sure you only ever buy from breeders who test the parents and they are clear. If you notice pats petals now says on her site she has no responsibility for puppies sold on her site. Well she should be held responsible as she is allowing these ill puppie to be sold on her site when she knows about it. I know because I told her. They are evil people profiting from puppies and not caring what happens to them once they have been sold. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
8:59pm 06-02-2011
liebe grüße von den schnufelnasen sina,dasko,janna und frauchen bruni.
6:39am 01-07-2011
I love your dog, you already know ... I look forward to the new litters. I'm so excited. There are so great pairings .... many dear greetings from your friend from Germany Heike and the Weaver-Castle-Chihuahuas
10:42pm 11-15-2010
Alix Jauffret
Dear Yupayao,
My Cavalier and I wish you all the best for the future with all your lovely dogs,Cavaliers and Chihuahuas as well . Looking forward to meeting you at the World Dog Show in Paris in July 2011. Alix Jauffret Passeriphane Kennel ,France.
5:16pm 10-13-2010
Hello!We are family from Russia, Moscow.
We like your dogs very much.
7:57pm 09-12-2010
Hello from France!

I love your dogs very much.

My English is no good so I can not write as much as I would love to. Just want you to know your dogs really make my days.
9:16am 08-25-2010
Jack, Moscow
2:18am 08-13-2010
WOW JOOM!!! Congratulations, to Malees wins BISS. AM.GR.CH.CH . SAIYAI'S THAI LITTLE FLORIST "MALEE" .....WOW!!!
Ellika and Peter
2:12pm 07-20-2010
Kz Krew
hello from super hot sunny Florida, USA
nice chihuahua's on your website, i love the way u are on ground floor for pictures! great idea, i will try this!
take care.
2:15pm 07-07-2010
Sheetal Patil
Hi ! there, I am in India. I like your dogs , your website. I am happy on the site everyday. My family and I have a dream to have a beautiful chihuahua smooth female from you. I need a smooth coat as my son is asthamatic ,for the female part they are more loving and obidient and I have always had female dogs and the look of your dogs are desirable. Hope our dream comes true.
6:36am 06-23-2010
Hello,I\'m sorry to disturb you. I just wanted to say you that I like really very much your little Beauty. It\'s a dream for me to have a little brindle chihuahua, and I think I\'ve never seen such beautiful little brindle !Sorry for my bad english, I\'m french.Best wishes and congratulations for all your wonderful dogs.Ingrid
6:23am 05-29-2010
Denise Leal Santos
Hello I am a small dog breeding in Brasil.Gostaria . I like your chihuahuas very much. Everyone of them is my dream. Hope the dream comes true.
10:07pm 05-23-2010
Ruben Marcelo
Greetings, I am Ruben Marcelo from Manila Philippines .I am a licensed Rottweiler Judge here . While seaching for a chihuahua , I found your website, and WOW!!! your chihuahuas are STUNNING!!!!!
6:11am 05-21-2010
Greetings Saiyai,

My name is Miguel, and I'm from the Philippines. I am an exhibitor and breeder of Mini Schnauzers, and
have recently been fascinated by the Chihuahua. I plan to show and breed Chihuahuas here in our country
by getting the best available stocks I can find.

I am quite impressed with your smooth and longcoats based on your site.

Miguel ,
1:11am 04-16-2010
A little "hello" for you because I don't forget you and your fabulous, splendid dogs, lovely dogs that I love !! hugs for them; regards from France; http://www.colley-marialan.com
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